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LCS Exceptional Student Education
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State Agencies

Florida Department of Children and Families provides services to children, families and adults.  Services are provided for children who have been abused or neglected by their families, have been victims of abuse or neglect and have become eligible for adoption, have an emotional handicap, serious emotional disturbance, or mental illness, or at risk of substance abuse problems.  Services are provided to families with children in child care, WAGES Participants, families with children at risk of abuse, persons with developmental disabilities, and victims of domestic violence.  Services are provided to adults with disabilities who need long-term care to remain in the community, those with mental illness or that have a substance abuse problem, adults with disabilities and frailties, elderly at risk or victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation, and indigent persons who are unable to work due to age, disability, or incapacity.

Disability Services in Florida's Community Colleges-  This site will give you information regarding the special services offered to students with documented disabilities as they attending any of Florida's community college.

Agency for Persons with Disabilities - This site from the Florida Department of Children and Families offers useful publications for families of those with developmental disabilities.

The Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services - provides training to school staff, district administrators, and others on important issues and current instructional practices; information on state and federal law relating to the education of exceptional students; monitors the districts' compliance with those laws; helps resolve conflicts between school districts and families of exceptional students; and provides any other technical assistance school districts need.

The bureau also serves families of exceptional students.  The bureau's Clearinghouse Information Center provides many materials to help parents understand their child's exceptionality, their child's right to a free appropriate education, and the processes and activities that are involved in exceptional student education.

One excellent source of information from the Clearinghouse is a book for parents For Parents of Florida's Students with Disabilities, which can be downloaded and printed or read online. It includes information about exceptional student education, including information about IEP's, transition planning, parent rights and responsibilities, resources and references, and a parent record book. Also at this same site is a document especially designed for parents of exceptional infants and toddlers.  

Florida's school choice programs ensure that no child will be left behind by allowing parents to choose the best educational setting—public or private—for their child. The McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program provides Florida students with special needs the opportunity to attend a private school. The McKay Scholarships Program also offers parents public school choice. A parent of a special needs student who is dissatisfied with the student’s current school may choose to transfer the student to another public school.  For information about a McKay Scholarship for a qualifying Leon County Schools ESE student, please contact the Exceptional Student Education office at 487-7158.

SEDNET (Multiagency Network for Students with Severe Emotional Disturbance is a multiagency service network for students with emotional disabilities. SEDNET is devoted to enhancing the "System of Care" for high risk students and for students with emotional disabilities and their families through facilitation, collaboration, direct intervention. SEDNET Region 2B is currently hosted by Liberty County Schools.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) provides services for eligible persons with physical or mental impairments. These services are designed to enable them to enter, regain or retain employment.  Any person living in Florida who has a physical or mental impairment, and is of (or approaching) working age may apply for rehabilitation services by contacting the nearest VR office for an appointment. The Client Assistance Program in Tallahassee can be reached at 488-9071.

Parallel Alternative Strategies for Students (PASS) are the products of the state Curriculum Improvement Project which provides curricular materials written on a lower reading level. PASS books are supplemental textbooks written to help students with various learning needs to achieve classroom success. The student books are presented in an easy to understand format for students seeking a standard diploma. The materials provide resources for teaching courses without changing essential content. Materials are available for review and download from the website.